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  • Video Testimonials

    Dont believe how great we are? Watch our latest video testimonials from a selection of a great clients. Red Bull, Merchants a Dimension Data Company, Sasfin, and the CDIC

  • Who We Are

    Speak Easy Facilitators was started in 2002 by Marisa Sarfatti, a Communications Coach and Facilitator with more than 14 years’ experience as a theatre, radio, film and television actor. During the past 10 years, Speak Easy has grown into a well-respected training company with many long-term clients who continue to see the value in Speak Easy communications training.

  • Individual Communications Skills Coaching Programme

    This programme consists of one-on- one sessions with the individual client to improve and enhance communications skills in all aspects of your life. Communications skills in today’s world are of the utmost importance, and a set of effective communications skills is something that most of us need much help.

  • Brand Communications Workshop

    The Brand Communications Workshop is geared towards unifying the internal team of any department within an organisation to produce more effective Communications Skills. It seeks to first establish what the purpose of that department is and then workshops what the brand of the department would like to project and communicate. Watch our Red Bull Brand Communications Workshop Video

  • The Essentials of Listening

    The Clear Speech Programme is focused on developing the physical communication skills of staff. This is applicable to people with unclear accents and forms of vocal weakness such as: Vocal projection (speaking too softly, timidly or shouting) Vocal pace and energy (speaking too quickly, slowly or sluggishly) Vocal tone and variance (speaking with colour and expression) Clear pronunciation (mumbling, mispronouncing etc.)

  • Communications Skills for Confrontation vs. Conflict

    We’ve all had conflicts in the workplace and we’ve all seen The Fall Out! Confrontation that is handled poorly can result in the accumulation of resentment between colleagues, a lack of co-operation and unnecessary staff turnover if staff members do not have the communications skills to be able to handle potential conflicts constructively.

  • Positive Language Workshop

    Positive language purposes can affect many areas in the organisation, as well as customer-facing elements. It is characterised by poor language usage, unnecessary rambling and not seeing the fuller picture of building customer relationships in many professional environments.

  • Lumina Spark Portrait Tool

    Lumina Spark Portrait is an in depth tool to identify 24 characteristics and areas of development for staff in three states. This wonderful tool enables training for communication skills and allows the individual to acknowledge the paradoxes of personality and how to maximise those for the appropriate situations.

Nationwide some of our clients are…


Identify and develop essential communication skills
with Speak Easy Coaching Programmes and Workshops.

Communicate with confidence
Innovate and present ideas effectively
Become a powerful listener
Build strong inter-personal relationships
Develop inner awareness
Contribute to a fluid and productive workplace

Everyone can learn to communicate in a powerful and positive way!